Should I buy new or used car

When it comes to buying a car, the first thing most people think about is which brand they should buy. They will probably ask themselves if Acura or Mercedes is better.

If you buy a used car from an individual, be aware that the car may not only have some minor knicks and scratches, but it could also have some big problems with it. If you buy a used car be sure to buy from someone who can show you proof of ownership in form of bills, receipts, or titles.

You should buy a new vehicle if you want everything to be new like the smell of the leather, the way it drives and looks.

A new car is fresh out of flip-flops and ready to buy; however, you should buy a used vehicle if you want to save money on something that will probably last you for years.

If you buy a used car then maybe do some research online to buy a model that is not too old, but buy one that has been used only by the owner himself.

new or used car

10 Reasons Why People Buy Used Car

Before you buy a new car, consider purchasing a used one first. There are many reasons why buying a used car is better than getting a new one – here are ten to start with:

1) Lower Depreciation

A brand-new vehicle’s value depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot, but that isn’t the case with a used car. A used car’s value decreases slowly over time, and it can lose up to 50% of its original value after five years.

2) More Affordable

New cars are expensive! If you buy an extra warranty or any other add-ons like that, then your monthly payments will increase even more. Your monthly payment on a used car will most likely be lower than that of a new one.

3) More Selection to Choose From

There are many different makes and models available when you buy a used car, but not that many when it comes to buying brand-new cars. There are thousands of local dealerships across the country selling pre-owned vehicles.

4) Save Money on Insurance

The cost of your annual insurance premium will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, but a used car’s policy will generally be less expensive than a new one. You can buy a used car with low mileage and get an insurance quote online within minutes to see how much you’ll save by going this route.

5) Higher Resale Value

If you buy a car and decide to sell it a few years later, a used car will have a higher resale value than its new counterpart. This means that you can buy the vehicle today, drive it for several years, and then resell it for more money than what you paid without having to buy a new car.

6) No Missed Payments

New cars require a higher down payment, and if you buy one on credit, you’ll have to make monthly payments for years. If you buy a used car with cash or buy it in full before financing your vehicle, then you won’t be required to make those missed payments later on.

7) Lower Monthly Payments

While your monthly payment on a new car will be higher than that of a pre-owned one, your total cost over time will actually decrease because you’ll have to pay less interest. You’ll also buy a used car with a shorter loan term, which will lower your monthly payment.

8) Cleaner for the Environment

New vehicles are made with lots of toxic materials, but buying a used car is better for the environment because it uses fewer resources to make it. Think about all of the energy and fuel that goes into building a new car from the ground up. New cars also create a lot more pollution than used ones do.

9) Different Car for Different Needs

You can buy a used car for your teenager who just started driving, buy yourself an SUV if you need to haul all of your family’s belongings, buy a minivan when you want to expand your family, or by any other type of vehicle that will meet your needs. You don’t have to buy the same make and model vehicle each time.

10) Used Cars are Cheaper to Insure Than New Ones

If you buy a used car with lower mileage, then your insurance premium will be less than if you buy a new one. Plus, your monthly payments will probably be less too because most companies don’t charge sales tax on their policies for pre-owned vehicles.


Most people buy a new vehicle because they want to have the latest car model. However, you can buy a used car for less money and enjoy many other benefits that are not available with buying new cars.

Old is gold and as long a car is in good condition, then it should not matter whether it is old or new.