Ship and Shape are proud to present to you handcrafted materials that cannot be found elsewhere. Everything we sell here is one of a kind so you can rest assured that every item you buy, you cannot find it on anybody else. From home decors, accessories, hand painted clothes, all of these we sell for you.  

Home Decors 

For our home decors, we sell you beautiful centerpieces that are made out of metal, wood, and blown glasses. You will fancy especially our metal works as we twist them into a beautiful abstract work. Our woodwork is also beautiful in their glory as they are created to depict day-to-day events and even people. Our blown glasses will make an impact if you give them as gifts and use them for giveaway purposes. All of these could be personalized for a more personal feel. 

Hand painted shirts 

Are you fond of wearing personalized shirts? Are you into arts and will be happy wearing them? Then buy our hand-painted shirts today. It is exclusively made by our artistic staff and comes in many different designs. You’ll even make a difference when you purchase one because for every profit we generate for these shirts, we give part of it to our chosen foundation.  

Every once in a while we also feature shelter kids art in our shirts. We conduct workshops for them which enable them to expose their art to others. All profit during these times goes to their shelter. 


One of the things we specialize in here at Ship and Shape Company is our skill in making handcrafted accessories. We have developed this through years of making our own and by undergoing training locally and internationally. In fact just last year, our products have been recognized by the international market that we have started exporting them. Check it out to see what we are talking about.  

For orders, just email us today.