You two. WHO ARE YOU? On December 12th, I wrapped all of my presents. Yes, that indicates that I’ve already done some holiday shopping and won’t be throwing the presents into wrinkly bags as I leave for a party. I feel fairly proud. I therefore wanted to share with you guys today my gift-wrapping progress for this year. Do not accord me excessive credit. Even though there is still a lot of Christmas shopping to do and a lot more wrapping to do, progress is what counts, right?

The other night, Jose and I wrapped presents while watching Christmas movies, and it was my favorite date night ever. Holiday customs and the associated nostalgia are just something I adore. I believe this is a first for us. He would take care of the wrapping paper, and I would get to have fun with the ribbon and tags. What’s best? This year, I was able to purchase all of my wrapping paper, gift tags, boxes, ribbon, and other supplies at Home Goods. It turns out they actually have all of this great things, which I honestly had no idea they possessed. These gingerbread home gift boxes—how cute are they—were my favorite item. Moreover, the best part is that you only need to place the gift inside and replace the roof or lid to be ready to go. What a great thing. Just be careful not to have any nosy guests over, as it would be simple to sneak a peek at your gift. Is it just me, or must you be aware of your gift before Christmas? I want a pleasant surprise! This year, I wanted to try something different for our Christmas present wrapping, so I chose a couple rose gold paper options to go with the gingerbread boxes. Then I came across beautiful ribbon spools with a vintage flair in shades of blue, gold, and olive. I started with big gift tags and then I came across the cutest small wool gift toppers that can also be used as decorations. I pretty much had a great time.