Ship and Shape Company is always willing to serve you. We want to assist you even before you ask. As such, we have collected all the most frequently asked questions by our customers to guide you into purchasing our products. You can check out also our company policies for more info. 

Are all products from Ship and Shape Company original? 

Yes. To ensure the quality of our products, we do not sell anything that is not made by our team. Everything we sell here is handcrafted and cannot be found anywhere else. From the design up to the actual making of the products, each item is unique. 

Do you produce bulk items for giveaways? 

Yes, we do. Even if we are requested to do giveaway items from time to time, we still ensure that our products undergo quality assurance test. We never release it to our customers if there is even the smallest flaw there. This is our dedication to you. So you can rest assured that those who will receive your giveaways, whether it is for your birthday party or a company party, will only experience quality products from Ship and Shape Company. 

Do you allow delivery of your products internationally? 

We started exporting our products since the launching of our official website last year. We started small, only choosing a few countries at the time to see how it works. Now, our products can reach up to the countries in Asia and beyond. So wherever you are in the world, you can get our products scratch-free. 

Do you give insurance for your products during delivery? 

Unfortunately, we do not provide any insurance. However, you can request for one from the courier at a small price. Currently, we are in correspondence with our partner couriers to give discounts for insurances. Rest assured that we are always working to serve you better. 

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