Advent Calendar Blog Hop

Advent Calendar Blog Hop

You may have just visited a craft store or a retail store and thought to yourself, “Wait, wait, wait!!! ” if you’re anything like me. They haven’t even begun the month of October yet, and they’ve already put up Christmas decorations? Dear friends, I’ve decided to go on the crazy train this year and have also started early preparation. If all of the gifts are purchased, there will be a lot less chaos throughout the Christmas season.


In light of the fact that I have a new notion about doing the shopping early, I was overjoyed when Havalah from Sisters, What! asked me if I wanted to design a Christmas present for a blog hop that would involve fourteen other bloggers. handmade presents? Is there any way that it could be any better? Since September hasn’t really started yet, you still have a lot of time to start looking at Do It Yourself gift ideas and becoming crafty. You may be certain to gain a great deal of motivation from these exceptionally talented women. There is a link to each of the aforementioned projects located at the very bottom of this page!

I wanted to create something that was appropriate for the holiday season and could be utilized by anybody. In addition to that, I intended for it to be an inexpensive present that any anyone could make! These uncomplicated Christmas dishtowels were produced by yours truly in a flash and with no effort! One of the many advantages of having them is that their outward presentation can be altered so readily to correspond with any event.

It’s up to you to make it:

It is important to wash, dry, and iron a set of basic flour sack tea towels before using them.
Choose the words and fonts you want to use. After that, separate each word from the printed pattern using a cutting tool. I choose to work in the “Quickier” typeface.
After you have arranged your design on the dish towel and tucked it under the towel, you will be able to see the text through the towel.
Make the lettering visible by tracing it with fabric markers in the color of your choosing.
You might even add embellishments like ribbon or lace to the package!