Ship and Shape Company was founded by college best friends Alicia Fullman and Tasha Brodin. Theirs was not a typical friendship. In fact, if you are going to ask them, they describe themselves more as frenemies than friends. They have a love-hate relationship which started in Senior High School. They always fight over everything. Both being head cheerleaders from two different schools, there is the competition of each other. Their rivalry went as far as their First Year in the University. 

It was a coincidence that both took up the same degree in a local university. They became classmates which brought them closer. Since the second semester of the same year, they already become inseparable. One thing common about these two is their love to invent new things. Whether if it’s just a new outfit design for the next party they are going to attend, or a new accessory look to wear on their next event, these two girls excel at it. What more is that they create unique pieces that become the talk of their friends. Not once did they accommodate their friends’ requests to create them accessory pieces that are to die for as a gift for anniversaries or birthdays. When the demand became high, it was also their friends who pushed them to generate profit from their craft. This is now what led them to create Ship and Shape Company. 

They started just an online store back in 2006. Since then, they made up enough savings from their sales that enabled them to open a store in Albuquerque, NM. To say that it was a success was an understatement. Ship and Shape Company have not become one of the most sought-after company for handcrafted items that are not only unique but make a significant impact on those who will receive them.  

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